Things to be aware of and escort scams

Beware escort catfishing

What is escort catfishing? Escort catfishing is where an escort puts photos onto a website that are not actually her. In order to appear as a better version of herself. Or a fake identity. She will do this to attract more clients to visit her. To compromise the client for financial gain. The real person whose photos are being used, usually do not know. The photos are usually stolen off social media or other websites from the internet. Sometimes, escort catfishing is so obvious, because the girl has used photos of a female celebrity or porn star! 

The real problem occurs when the client meets the escort and she looks nothing like the photos suggest. Very often, in reality the girl does not even look similar to the photos. She is often a lot older in age or many dress sizes bigger. There have even been reports of the escort having black or no teeth. She may also do none of the escort services that she has advertised. The client pays her the money, expecting a girlfriend experience, and she won’t kiss him. He’s paid the money, she won’t return it to him, so it’s too late. These are not escorts, they are con-artists! After quick money. And never stay in one area for too long. She may have also advertised that she is available for incalls in a luxury apartment. But when the client arrives, it is a dump. Often unclean with many girls using the premises as a brothel. There can also be many lower-class clients in the premises. Stories have been told of pimps at the door, taking money off the unsuspecting clients.  

Escort catfishing is where the girl has blatantly lied about her appearance, adult services or her location. The client is always disappointed with escorts who catfish. Honest escorts will list their do´s and don’ts. They will have clear, unedited photos of themselves. Even if they have changed their hair colour, but not the photos, there will be information on her profile to notify clients.  

It’s true that all escorts use a fake identity for privacy reasons. This is always a working name as an alias. No girls ever use their real name as their escort name. The difference is, they do not steal someone else’s identity. Genuine escorts often blur their faces in the photos on the website. As well as blurring distinctive tattoos. But there will be information to tell clients that she does have tattoos and the sizes, but they have been removed for the purpose of the photos. This is and always has been accepted!   

To avoid escort catfishing, always book through an established and reputable escort agency. Never book from a newspaper that only contains a phone number. Never book an independent escort. Never book from a website which has no client reviews. Always check escort directories because they only list verified escort agencies. Be very careful of new escort agencies and independent escorts that suddenly start pop up. Genuine escort agencies have a professional and corporate image. But above all else, go with your gut instinct! If it doesn’t feel right, don’t attend the booking. If you arrive outside and the location looks dodgy, don’t enter. Prevention of catfishing is better than cure!